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Monday, September 19, 2016

Aye! So, today is the third day we are in Bali. Short story, me and Ralf decided to go to Ubud area today. So we drove from our villa around Seminyak to Ubud, it took about 45 minutes for 30 km. Roughly we arrived at 12 pm. But before we walk thru the Monkey Forest, we had lunch at Babi Guling Ibu Oka Restaurant around Ubud area. Anyway, the restaurant was not that aesthetic but big enough and about the menus were delicious and affordable prices, overall it was good.

So, anyway, after we've finished our lunch. Next, we continued for the Monkey Forest trip! Aye!
Oh, but we still need to drive from the Restaurant to the Forest about 3 km, is not that far.

After arrived, we have to buy ticket. We bought 2 tickets for 2 adults and it costs 80.000 rupiah, it means 40.000 rupiah for each. And yes, we also got flyer which describes Monkey Forest, they have it in any languages which is good if you want to know more about Monkey Forest.

After thru the ticketing, there are old women who sells bananas in a small cart close to the entrance. They sell it about 10.000 rupiah - 20.000 rupiah it depends how many do you want to buy. If you want to feeding the monkeys, it's better for you to buy bananas. But be careful whatever it takes because the monkeys will be around you for all the time like what we've experienced. At least you will have 'feeding monkeys' experience. Haha

So, when I was with Ralf, we bought 2 bunches bananas and BANG! guess what we've got, monkeys came to us like we were their meal. Look at the 3rd picture, the monkey sat on the shoulder and at the 4th picture, the monkey tried to steal the bananas from Ralf's pocket. It was horror stories Haha

And, so for the 1st, and 2nd pictures, it was me after forced myself to take photo with the monkeys. I've tried so hard to get this photos LOL the fact is I have bunch of photos between me and the monkeys but it's all horrible so I don't wanna share it here :-)

And for 5th - last pictures, it was what's inside the Monkey Forest. Actually, Monkey Forest is more beautiful than the pictures that I've taken. Any interesting things inside the Monkey Forest like Holy Water, Sacred Pool, the Temples, Art Gallery, the Shows too and etc. But I didn't take any pictures because mostly I enjoyed my time being there.

So, that's all after we went home, we have dinner at Crocodile Restaurant in Seminyak. Oh anyway, if you go back home in the evening it's quite jam in Ubud area.

Here the warning lists that you should do and don't in Monkey Forest:

#1 / Dresscode: Empty your pockets before you go. These little guys are smarter than you think. Their muscles are well developed and their thinking skills are geared towards thinking humans come here with food and interesting collectibles. If you have candy in your pocket, they will notice. They will use their instincts to get what they want.
  • Don't bring candy or snacks! 

#2 / Gear: Monkeys love to pickpocket. That means your purse, backpack, camera case, and fanny pack are all places of potential places of unwanted attention. In the photo above you can clearly see how one clueless tourist was taken advantage of by this curious fellow who stole her bottle of water. We watched him (or her?) open the cap and try to drink the water by tipping the bottle over the step. 
  • My advice? Leave your backpack at home. 
  • If a macaque tries to take something from you, let it to avoid an aggressive altercation.

#3 / Photography: Keep a distance from the monkeys. Use zoom instead of getting up close and personal. Just like people, these little guys don't like to have a hundred camera lenses poking at their face all day. If you want to avoid getting bitten, keep your camera lens at a safe distance of at least 2-3 feet away.

#4 / Monkey basics: Like I said, these are wild animals. If you believe in being better safe than sorry do not skip these bullet points:
  • Balinese people both love and hate monkeys. The root of these feelings lay in the stories of Balinese Hinduism.
  • Prolonged eye contact or slow movement can be perceived as threat. 
  • These monkeys are known for carrying Hepatitis C as well as fleas. There are even rare cases of rabies from monkey bites. Come prepared or be sure to get vaccinated immediately after being bitten

#5 / Stay on the path: This doesn't need much explanation I think. Like many wild animals, macaques are territorial creatures. In this forest alone there are over some 30 tribes. Try not to wear out your welcome.

Have a nice day! Kindly, share your story if you are about going to Monkey Forest or if you've been there! Thank you for reading my page. Much love.

When you have your team. #BitchesTeam
What was monkey doing?
Ralf! who is on your shoulder? Haha!
The monkey tried to steal bananas the pocket. Anyway, I stared & focused at the Ralf's tummy LOL
When you are anti social but you have food
I thot it was real LOL
This statue stands right on the edge of the bridge
This statue stands right on the edge of the bridge
The river inside the Forest
Here is the short clip for the river
The path

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