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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Spring Lookbook & The Costumes (Deluxe Version)
I don’t know how to start this. Last week I celebrated a big thing wanna be which only the sun and the moon who know the pain of sailing without wind. I celebrated with myself which I had no idea where a big thing was gonna be. And now I know something. 

Yes, I’m officially a student of Fashion Design Institut, B.A. International Fashion Design. I just signed the contract papers. Oh my god. I couldn’t be more excited anymore. Last year I slayed and this year, I came to slay again. This is gonna be my best birthday gift ever, from me, and for me. I present my very own best birthday gift.

It was a long story to tell about the how question. For many times I fell, didn't know how to stand, completely bared to breathe. I jumped into many ideas which never finished. Deadline was getting closer. My mind lost control. I was out but back to slay because...

This was the moment I've waited for. I didn’t wanna fight it but I’d fight for it. I was just focus at this moment, didn’t care what comes after...

But I tell myself, where do I wanna go? Because everything I want is right in front of me. And I see the impossible is coming true. It's everything I ever want. It's everything I ever need. This is where I wanna be.

Short story, I made Spring Lookbook and The Costumes include JWT Costume, Demo Of Newspaper and Roots Costume. Spring Lookbook’s catalogues(a week, 6 active days) describe the background of the look, the clothing line, an artwork, the photoshoots and the unpublished photoshoots. JWT Costume has made, supported by mood-board described by materials, close ups, an artwork, and photoshoots. And so does the Costumes, Demos.

I made copies, the e-book version of Spring Lookbook and The Costumes. I also made a visual touch/documentary about it, tap link in bio to see it, and to see the original version of my portfolio.

Happy 10 years anniversary with Versace! I’m proud of you and to be part of it. I made recaps how amazing Fashion Design Institut is, currently #21 by Wardrobe Trends Fashion, #37 by Business Of Fashion, and #19 by CEOWORLD. Seem it’s never out of “Top 50 Fashion Schools In The World” achievement. And the first fashion school who hit top place rank from Germany. I literally can’t wait start the journey and fashion events with you. I had feeling would come back here after Info Evening and brought Harper’s Bazaar home. I'm honored to be one of chosen students who has chance to study here. Thank you the generous Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Thomas.

Global Fashion School Rangkings 2017
Best Fashion Schools In The World For 2018

Thank you to papa, my endlessly supporter, to my sister, Lilik for being supportive, and my real friend, Iwan for being a person I could call any time. My family and real friends. Thank you to my website and social media accounts who encouraged my portfolio is such a thing. This one’s for us.

I took a moment to get this moment where it begins. I wanna see this post few years later.

p.s. To the people who say I'm doing wrong things, this one issa proof for you that you can’t break me down. Once again, I won. Bye pathetic losers.

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